Band sawing machine - ABC Series (NC)


Main parameters:


Product advantages

Robot welding
laser cutting
Large Gantry Machining Center
Smart Sawing System

Product advantages

Sawing parameters
Saw Band Specifications


Profile330×330mmSaw Belt Speed10-80m/min
Performance parameters
Main motor5kwCooling motor


Hydraulic motor1.1kw
Other parameters
Hydraulic oil60LMachine weight


Cutting oil90LMain drive


Machine size2250×2300×1550mm
The standard configuration
Chip conveyorHydraulic tensioningFrequency

Base adjustment bolster

Schneider Low Voltage ElectricJoint venture brand limit switchJoint venture brand switch buttonIntelligent adaptive sawing system
Personalized matching
Servo feedingBridge structure


Main drive mechanism

Using the direct-connected reducer device, the power output is more direct, the transmission ratio is higher, and the sawing efficiency is 15% higher than that of the ordinary sawing machine.


Control panel

The operation design combining the intelligent human-machine interface and physical buttons makes the operation more convenient.


Chip conveyor

The high-end screw type hydraulic chip conveyor is selected to automatically discharge the sawdust into the chip storage box during sawing work.


Hydraulic tensioning

Standard saw belt hydraulic tensioning device, moves the passive saw wheel to achieve the purpose of tensioning and loosening the saw belt, and automatically relaxes after stopping to protect the saw belt.


Brand new saw frame

The saw frame is 100% robotic welded and tempered to eliminate stress. The stability of the saw frame is highly consistent, the welding seam is uniform, and there is no leakage or virtual welding. Before the saw frame is sprayed, the shot blasting process is added to remove burrs, oxide layers and rust, and the paint surface is durable after high temperature drying.


Magnetic Shed Ruler and Protective Device

Install the magnetic scale protective cover to prevent impact. And install dust-proof and oil-proof brushes to extend the service life of the magnetic scale.


Smart Sawing System

The intelligent sawing system independently developed by Saw Lihuang takes "constant cutting force" as the core principle, detects the force of the saw blade in real time, and adaptively adjusts the sawing feed speed, thereby extending the service life of the saw blade and improving the sawing efficiency.


Electrical installation

Centralized control circuit board design, all electrical components are installed in the electrical cabinet, the cabinet body is formed by cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.


Hydraulic device

The solenoid valve group produced by the listed company is selected to ensure the quality, and it is not easy to stick the valve, and two sets of superimposed pressure relief valves are added. The valve seat material is made of aviation aluminum, which has better heat dissipation and easy maintenance.

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