It was founded in 1983

Build a digital intelligent sawing world, Improved sawing user

One of the world’s largest metal sawing machine manufacturers JLH SAWS INT'L INC. is continuously working on Innovations and technology. We offer the world’s fastest, high-quality and technologically advanced metal cutting solutions to customers across the world since 1983. Our knowledgeable and experienced team works very closely with our customers to understand their requirements. This allows us to offer them the highest performance solutions ensuring low cost per component and optimized productivity.

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Proven experience

1983 - now



In 1983, founded Sanhe Agricultural Tools Factory, which produces agricultural sickles, with an annual output value of more than ten thousand yuan and more than ten workers.



In 1993, with the further development of the enterprise, according to the good market prospects of machining tools at that time, Sanhe Agricultural Tools Factory changed its name to "Jinyun County Tools General Factory" and began to switch to producing various high-speed steel knives and cutting tools.



In 1995, through extensive and detailed market research and analysis, the enterprise delegation learned about the huge potential market prospects of sawing machine products. Jinyun County Tool General Factory changed its name to "Jinyun County Tool Sawing Machine Manufacturing General Factory" and began to produce sawing machine products. Since then, the company has entered the fast lane of development, and JLH Saws has taken off for the first time since its establishment.


In 2001, with the rapid development of the enterprise and the continuous expansion of the scale of the enterprise, the original equipment and workshops could no longer meet the production needs. JLH Saws began to build the second phase of the new factory area, and the Jinyun County Tool Sawing Machine Manufacturing Factory was renamed "JLH SAWS INT'L INC.", the company has gradually grown into the leader of the sawing machine industry, and began to lead the development of the industry. JLH Saws also began to take off for the second time.



At the end of 2007, the company carried out the shareholding reform and changed its name to "JLH SAWS INT'L INC.", and carried out a comprehensive and standardized operation according to the standards of listed companies.


At the beginning of 2009, the company built a modern garden-style third-phase new factory with a total area of 156,000 square meters and a construction area of more than 80,000 square meters, which tripled the production capacity and laid the hardware foundation for the third take-off.



In February 2015, it was successfully listed on the New Third Board (stock code: 831911), officially entering the domestic capital market and becoming a public company.


In May 2019, JLH Saws was unanimously elected as the chairman unit of the China Machine Tool Industry Association Sawing Machine Branch, and presided over the work of the National Sawing Machine Industry Association.


In 2019, JLH Saws new revolutionary new technology uses laser cutting, robot welding, CNC processing, etc., to achieve fully standardized and universal production, equipped with an intelligent sawing control system with independent research and development intellectual property rights, to achieve optimal operating conditions (efficient + material saving), reaching the international leading level, leading the sawing machine industry into the sawing machine 2.0 era.



In 2020, JLH Saws was awarded the "Invisible Champion of Zhejiang Province" enterprise, and the leader in the sawing industry deserves its name.



In 2021, JLH Saws will be rated as a national-level specialized special new key "little giant" enterprise. This is a high recognition of the company's "27 years of sticking to the sawing industry".



In 2022, the future is infinite...

self-dependent innovation


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